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Sounds That Made The MIC: The MIC's 2022 GOLD

This year, was a big one for The MIC! We celebrated our second year anniversary, we started our very first YouTube series, and we covered more music than ever before. From every genre, to many new countries, this year the third installment of your favorite playlist, The MIC's 2022 GOLD, covers it all. We would be nowhere without these incredible artists to talk about, so go stream this playlist and listen to all the sounds that made The MIC!

Special thanks to our favorite indie artists for creating music and sharing it with us all:

Goalie Fight

Love? Said the Commander


Plant Dad

Sleepy Rye


The Break Plans


Tyler Elden

Church Girls

Adventure Lost

DeLorean Jaws

Vulture Party

Hexagon Cat

Oktaf Kanis

If Walls Could Talk

The Housing Crisis


Booze Radly

Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band

Jay Johnson

Teddy Lindross Loucas Bretz


for moses, Figgo, ARH3AD

Colin Peterik

Kevin Silvester

the dt's

Brenda Carsey

Moon Rabbit Retreat

Sweet Anne Marie

Pocket Sun

Jack Powers

Koala Bar

Mardi Lumsden

Justin Bruce

Desoto Jones


Jack Adamant

Monique Angele


Wishful Thinking


LONG STORY SHORT: What's better than supporting indie artists? Nothing, so take our chronological walk down memory lane and listen to this GOLD! Happy New Year from The MIC!

Stream The MIC's 2021 GOLD Below! | Buy The MIC Merch |

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