Chakra's, Frequencies, and their Affect on Human Emotion: Chawktaw's, 'Sanatio'

SJ: Hey Tyler! It’s so nice to get to talk and finally discuss this project.

CH: Hey Stefani! Thank you so much for having me!

SJ: I know you release your music under the artist name, Chawktaw. Can you elaborate on the meaning of the name?

CH: So I was making music for a long time and couldn’t think of a name to use. So I went with my middle name and my street name I grew up on, which came out to be James Choctaw. I found this name too long and shortened it to just Chawktaw, and here we are!

SJ: That is so creative! How would you describe yourself as an artist and the music you create?

CH: I would describe myself as someone who pushes positivity, self-love, and oneness through the confines of bass music! I create bass-heavy music, more focused on sub frequencies (the stuff ya feel).

SJ: Does any of your music involve lyrics, or are they primarily soundscapes?

CH: Mostly just soundscapes or some funny samples I like!

SJ: Let’s talk about your project, Sanatio. When I first heard your project for the first time, probably about a year ago, I was genuinely impressed by the intent and purpose behind the project and each track. Could you explain in your own words the story behind this project and how it came about? Has the way music affects the brain and human emotions always been something that interested you?

CH: So Sanatio came to be because I had a fascination with sound frequencies and how we can use sound to heal internally. Through this curiosity, I found sound healing to be a very fascinating topic in this realm. Through the use of resonating certain frequencies, sound can make the brain do some interesting things! After realizing my fascination for sound healing, Chakras (spirituality) are loosely connected with certain colors and, therefore, frequencies! After realizing this, the project sort of flowed out naturally in the order it is presented. I always had a fascination with sound healing and how we can use sound other than dancing material.