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As Essential as Your Favorite Gray Sweatpants: The MIC's "Indie Essentials" Playlist

The best indie tracks are as essential as your favorite gray sweatpants. But finding those sweatpants may not be as easy. Fear not, The MIC has brought together our favorite indie tracks that we think you'll love just as much. So cozy up and put on The MIC's "Indie Essentials."

And of course, special thanks to the talented artists that make great playlists like these possible:

Plant Dad

Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers

Kate Dressed Up

Jay Johnson

Goalie Fight

Brenda Carsey

Moon Rabbit Retreat

Sweet Anne Marie



Sahara Moon

Sleepy Rye

The Break Plans

D. Marin Perez

Cousin Oven

Cold Weather Company

Adventure Lost

Colin Peterik

Green Knuckle Material


Church Girls

The Housing Crisis

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

Love? said the Commander

the dt's


Heather Cook


Gin War


Stream The MIC's "Indie Essentials" Below!

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